• How to re key locks

  • Re key Locks

    AZ Best Locksmith here again to give you some insight into what goes into having your locks re keyed.  When we re key locks what we do is take the lock off of the door.  Then we take the lock cylinder from its housing.  This will be done in one of two ways if you have the key that goes to the lock currently it will make the sheer line and you can turn the key and insert the cylinder tool into the lock it keeps the top pins and the springs inside the lock.  Then you have access to the cylinder and can change the bottom pins.

    These pins are what fills into the cuts in the key when the key is inserted and makes the sheer line.  So now you can grab a different key insert it into the cylinder and fill in each pinhole with a pin that will make a completely flush cylinder.  As long as you do this correctly once you push the cylinder back into its housing it will turn smoothly and will not get hung up on the top pins or the top holes.

    re key locks

    re key locks

    When you lose all the keys you can still re key locks like that.  The way this is done is with a shim it is inserted into the back of the lock in between the cylinder and the housing.  Using an uncut key or pick tools starting at the very back pin closest to the shim.  Then you slowly move the pin move up and down and slide the shim into the sheer line then move to the next one and so on.

    Once the lock is shimmed and the cylinder can be turned  you can remove the shim and slide the cylinder out with the cylinder removal tool.  Now you can re key locks with a new key and put it back together.  If this sounds like something you don't have the time tools or really feel like getting into no problem.  That is why you have AZ's Best Locksmith here to service your needs our mobile techs can be to you within 15-20 minutes.  We service Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale and all surrounding areas of maricopa county.