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  • Locksmithing

    Locksmithing is the work or business of a locksmith.  A locksmith means any person who, for any consideration or compensation whatsoever, engages, directly or indirectly in the business of rekeying, installing, repairing, opening, modifying locks, or who originates keys for locks, including, but not limited to, electronic cloning of transponder keys and any other electronic programming of automotive keys and electronic operating devices, such as key fobs, door and ignition key devices, and successive electronic and other high-security key technology.

    Locksmithing is definitely an art and a skill unknown to most of the general population.  It is not a job they teach you about in school it is not a service you may ever think about even needing until that dreadful day you lock yourself out of something and you need a professional to get you back in.  Then you will find yourself googling for a locksmith for help.  It would be nice if every locksmith out there was reputable because in an emergency you will probably call the first closest locksmith that pops up.

    This is not always the case though there are unprofessional people out there that are not pros that are advertising and trying to get these jobs too.  They may have cheap tools or they may not know what they are doing and do damage to your vehicle.  They may be price gouging too.  Some shady locksmiths like to appear cheaper than all of the rest at first but then once they show up in person the story changes the price goes up and you have no choice but to pay or wait out in the elements again for 15-20 min or however much more longer it would take.  The best thing you can do even in an emergency is at least look at the reviews of the locksmithing service you are thinking about going with and make sure they are good .