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    When choosing the right locksmith company there are things to review first. You do not want to just pick the first locksmith company that you see on google. This is because that may not be the cheapest or most experienced company. When it comes to google the first two to three results that you will see pop up are actually ads. The way the number one spot at the very top is determined is by who will pay the most money per click. This is decided by bidding how much you will pay per click as through google adwords. This means that anyone can create a business in a day and then get jobs. As long as they agree to pay the most per click in google adwords their ad will be at the top of google when you type in that you need a locksmith.

    The locksmith companies that pay the most per click and get at the very top get the most customers. Now they are not getting the most customers because they are the best locksmith company or the cheapest. They get the most customers because they are using shady and misleading business practices. Most of the time you will see $15 service call or car key for only $40. These prices are not what you will be charged in the end but merely a way for them to get your business and get the locksmith to you in person. Once in person the locksmith can try to charge you an extreme amount of money to complete the service. Whether you're locked out of your car, home, or business it's the same story.

    What you want to do is skip the first 3 ads and go to the next set of results. What you will find here are the organic results. The organic results are the companys that are respectable and do good business. They have been around a while and have good reviews. If they are at the top of the organic section you can trust these companies as they will be doing good business. You know this by reading the reviews and the fact that they made it to the top. Definitely do your research before you pick the first locksmith that you see.

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    locksmith company