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  • How to pick the right Locksmith

  • locked out? Pick the right locksmith.  Im locked out of my house how am i going to get inside?  This is the question you're going to be asking yourself if you lose your keys they are stolen or if they were locked inside. What i would like to go over with you are some steps you can take to ensure that you get the most quick and inexpensive access back into your home.
    It may be that you have a spare key hidden outside or a friend or a neighbor has a spare key.  If this is the case great contact them and get let back inside.  If this is not the case though or you do not have access to a phone the first thing you want to do is go around the house and try all the doors and windows and see if anything has been left unlocked.  If the house is locked up tight the next thing you're going to have to do is pick the right locksmith.
    how to pick the right locksmith AZ's Best Locksmith
    There are a few things to take into consideration when finding a locksmith.  First is that the top two companies that show up on google are ads. There are a few huge companies that bid through google adwords to be one of the top spots on google.  The bids go up as much 30-40 dollars a click.  Not necessarily even a call if someone browsing for a locksmith just clicks the ad the company is getting charged.
    Now what you have are the companies competing to look the cheapest.  The lady on the phone will get all your information but give you as little as possible.  What she wants to do is keep you in the dark about how much it is that way she can get her locksmith out to you first in order to negotiate prices in person.  The locksmith will call to confirm the address and tell you he needs to see the locks or to see the car first. So what you need to realize is that if you cant get any prices more than that its $20 for the svc call for the tech to come out that's because they plan on charging you as much as they possibly can in person.
    The truth is that insurance companies will pay up to and over $200 depending a lockout.  So don't be flabbergasted when the locksmith quotes you $20 for the service call $35 for the starting labor and then $120-$150 for the lockout on top of that.  What you want to do is avoid these companies all together when possible.
    The thing about these companies is that they operate 24/7 365 and at times could quite possibly be your only option. Now skipping over the first 2 ads we have the seo section of the search page and here you will be able to find a local locksmith that is close by you.  Here no one pays for ranking and it is all done through google's algorithms and the relevance of the websites.  You will also be able to see reviews of these companies and positive reviews are always a great sign.
    Calling one of these companies you should be able to get a flat rate and know around how much your total is going to be. They will be basing this off the information you give them so if something's different than what you say there could be a small difference give or take. One of these companies are a great choice you are going to pay $50-$100 depending and get a licensed and bonded technician.
    You do have one more option when looking for a locksmith and this is your cheapest option but you may get someone not as qualified and professional or licensed and bonded. These locksmiths would be located on www.craigslist.org and advertise as low as $30-$50.  One draw back to these locksmiths are that if they do damage to you house there is no Company or website to try and hold them accountable.
    There are some companys that advertise on CL that are licensed and bonded AZ's Best Locksmith is one of them of course you have nothing to worry about when choosing one of these companies.  Of course if you are reading this you have already found your premier locksmith and all you have to do is give us a call for a quote. This is based on the experience of AZ's Best Locksmith.   We are based out of Tempe, AZ we operate in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Avondale, and Goodyear.