• Laser cut keys

  • Laser cut keys - Now Service!

    We now service laser cut keys here a AZ's Best Locksmith.  These are the new high security keys that automakers are going to.  VW, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes have been using these types of keys for a long time.  Honda, Chevrolet, GM, and other manufactures are going to this style of key.

    The difference between laser cut keys and the keys cars have used since they have been created is the shape, cut of the key, how it is created, and the mechanics of the locks they can turn.  The old keys are called edge cut keys. To know if you have a laser or edge cut key all you have to do is hold it up and look at the side.  If the side of your car key looks like the side of your house key with notches taken out of the edge than it is edge cut.  If i is square and material is cut out from the key but only the center or the sides and still holds its square outside edge its laser cut keys.

    How we make your key

    If you lose your laser key first we will come out to you on location.  Then we are able to send your vehicles vin # year make and model to a company that will sell us the key code to your car.  Once that is purchased our professional locksmith technician puts that code into a computer program that gives the cuts to cars locks.  Now he knows what the cuts to the inside of the lock are.  What he does next is put your key into a very expensive machine that will mill the center of the key to the correct depths. Now your key is made back to factory specification and it works in the locks and ignition all that is left is to program the key.

    New keys now have to be programed to learn your car's unique signature.  The way this is done is by paying a token off of another very expensive piece of equipment the obd2 programmer.  This key programmer communicates with your car's computer and security system and links the chip in the key.  Now your car starts up and you are ready to be back on your way.