• key programming

  • Key programming

    When it comes to key programming AZ best locksmith is at the top of its field.   We have the most professional and skilled automotive locksmith technicians.  All of our automotive locksmith technicians are highly skilled in their field.  Each technician is mobile and will come to you for all of your automotive locksmith needs.  They keep all the most high tech programming and lock picking equipment to get every high security job done.  We come to you so you do not have to pay for a tow truck all the way to the "stealership" just to have to pay their inflated prices.  We can come to you within 15-20 minutes to asses your situation and give you your cheapest route available to you.

    key programming

    key programming

    The reason keys are not as cheap and easy to make as they used to be is because of the high tech anti theft systems that have been added to cars so they can not be easily stolen.  The head of the keys now have an electronic chip in them that communicates with the brain or computer of your car so that it will start.  If there is no communication to validate the key the car will not start.

    So when you lose all the keys to your car a new key must be programmed. To do this a key programming machine is used.  It hooks into the car through the obd  port under the dash.  It will then allow the locksmith to pull up the immobilizer system and go in and connect the new key or keys to the computer electronically.  Depending on the make and model of your car for and gm key programming can take 750 -800 seconds before the cycle completes and the keys add to the system.  We are available 24/7 365 days a year call AZ's Best Locksmith LLC today for a free quote!