• Car locks and Keys

  • AZ's Best Locksmith here again to touch base on car locks and the keys that work them.  Car manufactures these days are cutting back on keys and locks on vehicles.  Most new cars only come with one lock cylinder on the driver's side and no longer on every door handle.  They also come with fobs instead of keys at all and work on proximity to lock and unlock your doors as well as push button start as long as your fob is in the car.

    There is a lot of downsides to this new technology.  For one the fobs are running on batteries the drain and can die as well are electronics that can glitch.  Since they work on proximity you are not supposed to be able to lock yourself out if you leave the fob in the car.  I have had to open some of these types of cars though because the fob had died inside and the car locked itself as well as just a glitch in the fob.

    If your fob isn't dead but your car is then the thing you should know is that there is a key hidden in the fob that you can pull out and use on that one lock cylinder on the driver side door to open your car manually than you will be able to pop the hood and jump start your car or charge the battery.  Now before this technology normal car locks are just a key and cylinder with some keys having a chip or transponder in the plastic head of the key that programs to the car's computer to keep it from being stolen.  Reason being if you are able to break the ignition lock cylinder on and ignition and there is no security the car will just start and can be stolen.


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