• brass locksmith pins

  • Brass locksmith pins

    Brass locksmith pins are the internals to every home's locks.  Without these little color coded brass pins no lock would be complete.  The way a lock works is with 10 brass pins and 5 springs.  The springs are at the top of the lock with 5 brass pins below the springs that are all the same size then there are 5 more pins below that of different sizes that coincide with the cuts in your specific key.


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    brass locksmith pins

    Each key has a different depth to it with a coinciding number that relates to the size of the pin. These depths, numbers, and coinciding pins also vary on the type of key.  Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, Best, and other lock brands have different size pins that go with the depth cut number.  You can see there is a chart on the inside bottom of the top of the lid on the pin kit that helps quickly identify the correct pin with the correct depth.

    When the key is pushed into the lock the pins all move up and the shear line is made which is the line between the top and bottom pins and the lock is able to be turned.  If any of the depths in the key do not line up the pins the shear line will not be made and the lock will not open.  This is why you are not able to open up a specific lock without the correct key.  What all these different sizes of brass locksmith pins allows is for all different depths of key cuts to be filled with corresponding pins to always create a perfect shear line with no binding.

    There are some keys that have 6 cuts in them this makes them even harder to crack with more combinations of different size pins and pins used. these have 12 pins and 6 springs and are harder to pick.